Tongue and Lip Ties

Tongue and Lip Ties

Dr. Bradley Oldfin, your Trenton dentist can solve the problems of tongue and lip ties

The consequences of untreated tongue and lips ties can be many and varied, depending largely on the age of the patient and the severity of the condition. The demands made on us increase as we grow older, and our environment becomes less forgiving of mistakes. Delay in treatment, therefore, can have very negative consequences. The good news is that laser tongue tie or lip tie release performed by Dr. Bradley Oldfin, your Trenton dentist, can solve this problem in one single visit in infants, children and adults will require pre and post myofunctional therapy to undue the bad habits and incorrect function that the oral tissues including muscle and fascia have developed over their lifetime.

Dr. Oldfin is a TBI Ambassador (The Breathe Institute) and is proficient in the use of the Lightscalpel CO2 laser. Our office performs Lip and Tongue Tie Releases and Revisions with this state of the art laser.

For Infants


Inability to breastfeed successfully in the presence of a tongue tie can cause a variety of challenges for the infant, the mother and the family. For the baby, these may include:

  • Impact on milk supply
  • Termination of breastfeeding
  • Weight Loss
  • Poor bonding between baby and mother
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Problems with introducing solids

The maternal experience of breastfeeding a tongue-tied baby may include:

  • Pain
  • Nipple damage, bleeding, blanching or distortion of the nipples
  • Mastitis, nipple thrush or blocked ducts
  • Severe pain with latch or losing latch
  • Sleep deprivation caused by the baby being unsettled
  • Depression or a sense of failure
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For Children

Children with a tongue tie have to contend with difficulties which may only be discovered as they grow older. These can include:

  • Inability to chew age appropriate solid foods
  • Gagging, choking or vomiting foods
  • Persisting food fads
  • Difficulties related to dental hygiene
  • Persistence of dribbling
  • Delayed development of speech
  • Deterioration in speech
  • Behaviour problems
  • Impaired facial growth
  • Dental problems starting to appear
  • Loss of self confidence because they feel and sound ‘different’
  • Strong, incorrect habits of compensation being acquired

For Adults

What adults have to contend with is very much the result of old habits of compensation for inadequate tongue mobility. The areas of difficulty spread to include social and domestic situations, self-esteem, the work environment, and dental health.  Thus it is seen that the consequences of unrepaired tongue tie do not reduce with time – instead, more difficulties are experienced as time passes.

The specific challenges an adult with a tongue tie may face include:

  • Inability to open the mouth widely affects speech and eating habits.
  • Always having to watch their speech
  • Sleep issues including snoring and sleep apnea
  • Inability to speak clearly when talking fast/loud/soft
  • Difficulty talking after even moderate amounts of alcohol
  • Clicky jaws
  • Pain in the jaws
  • Migraine
  • Protrusion of the lower jaws,
  • Effects on social situations, eating out, kissing, relationships
  • Dental health, a tendency to have inflamed gums, and increased need for fillings and extractions
  • Sensitivity about personal appearance
  • Emotional factors resulting in rising levels of stress
  • Tongue tie in the elderly often makes it difficult to keep a denture in place.
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What Our Patients Have to Say:

I just wanted to share my experience with Dr. Oldfin and his amazing staff at Riverside Dental in Trenton.  My 16 month old son was tongue and lip tied and I was looking for laser surgery to have it fixed.  After doing much research, I decided to call Riverside Dental since their website provided information about the laser procedure.  Dr. Oldfin was prepared to do the procedure on my baby, who was far past the newborn age.  I was very nervous but knew laser surgery would enhance my baby’s life in so many ways.  I was so glad I found Dr. Oldfin!

We came in for an initial consultation.  The staff at Riverside are kind, warm, friendly and understood I was anxious and nervous.  Dr. Oldfin spent an hour educating me on my baby’s tongue and mouth.  He assured me the laser procedure was quick (about 15 seconds) and that my baby would benefit in the long run in many ways.  Leaving the consultation with Dr. Oldfin, I felt re-assured and confident.

My son had his lip and tongue laser procedure about a month later.  The procedure was fast and the staff were all very caring and gentle to my baby.  We were sent home with very thorough instructions for aftercare, which included stretching the tongue and lip multiple times per day.  Ten days later, we had a follow-up with Dr. Oldfin, who was very happy with my baby’s results post-procedure.

Fast forward two months later, my baby is great!  The laser surgery has been life changing! My baby can finally eat different food textures, is sleeping through the night, has started babbling/talking and can stick his tongue out….all things he could NOT do before the procedure!

I am forever grateful to Dr. Oldfin and all his staff at Riverside Dental.  It was truly a great experience and I would recommend laser surgery to any parent having doubts.

Sincerely,  Stephanie M.



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